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Easy record keeping and reporting software for Self-Managed Super Funds.

Features include:

  • Financial and Investment reports
  • Member reports
  • Taxation reports
  • Annual ASX prices
  • Annual financial statements for EOFY reporting to assist with tax return and audit
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DIY Super Online - Easy to use SMSF Software

How it works…

Manage your SMSF

DIY Super Online is an easy-to-use application for SMSF trustees and managers who want better control of their records and reports.

User-friendly, convenient and feature-rich, this software makes managing your own reporting and taxation easier.

Record Keeping + Form Wizard

Record your SMSF’s transactions with easy-to-use data input forms designed for trustees and managers.

The intuitive Workbook Wizard means entering and recording data is a breeze making the process of managing your SMSF quicker and easier.

Comprehensive Reports

Generate standard SMSF and taxation reports including:

Australian phone support service

Help is never more than a phone call away. Our Australian phone support service connects you with a superannuation professional who can help you with initial set-up, recording transactions and generating reports. Get all the support you will ever need.


“I have just completed and lodged my SMSF tax return for 2020/21.  I’ve invested on behalf of, and managed this fund for over 30 years so I’m aware of the copious rules/regulations and returns required by the Auditor and ATO.  I’ve been hesitant to attempt the accounting process until I found DIYSOL.

As I’m not trained in accounting, I was looking for a straight forward, transparent system with clear instructions.  I checked several other SMSF accounting software and finally decided on DIYSOL because it gave me a simple and logical overview of the procedure.

It also set out the input required, the reports and most important for me, a detailed User Guide for every step involved.  In addition professional phone support is available.  I’m seriously impressed with the result I’ve achieved which is purely due to the DIYSOL process.  I can’t recommend it highly enough.”


“I have used the DIY Super software to collect the data for our SMSF for the 19/20 year.

This is the first time I have used the packager and it was easier than I expected. I did seek assistance  to complete the Opening Balances, and the list of investments, but the data entry itself was simple and intuitive.

I used the bank statement for the Fund to ensure I captured all transactions, and the hard copies from the equity administrators for the details like franking credits.

I have also run the necessary reports, and these again were easy to produce.

I am happy to recommend this software to SMSF trustees as an easy way to collect annual data.”


“I set up my self-managed super fund to have a bit more control over what I invest in. As many people in the same boat would be aware there are a lot of rules and regulations that have to be adhered to, which can be quite confusing.

I have looked at a number of superannuation products and service providers which would allow me to enter my fund’s transactions and keep my portfolio up to date. Not being an expert in these types of things I found many of them to be difficult to understand and follow.

But DIY Super Online stands out as a complete accounting and investment reporting package. It enables me to administer my fund and provides the necessary information for the year-end reporting, taxation and audit requirements.

What makes this package especially relevant for me is that it is easy to follow, which for many people who are not experts in this field, is a real bonus.”

James Foster – SMSF Trustee

“I am impressed by its ability to handle not only the investment transactions records but also to integrate that with acceptable accounting reports.”

Warren Maloney – Investor

“I am a Chartered Accountant and run a small practice. I decided to use this software to process a couple of funds. With a little help to enter the opening balances the process was very straight forward and efficient.

I recommend this software for trustees to do their own reporting, taxation, and audit requirements.”


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Software Features & Specifications

Main Features

  • Easy-to-use Workbook Wizard
  • Helpful Form Wizards for each record type
  • Lookup feature makes it easy to find transactions
  • ASX end of financial year prices for “All Ordinaries” listed securities for recent years
  • Detailed member accounts
  • Comprehensive list of account items
  • Cloud-based software with Microsoft Access database front end
  • Advanced Installer™ detects system configuration and installs required software components

Comprehensive Reports

  • Single-Click reports
  • General Ledger
  • Investment Disposal History
  • Operating Statement
  • Statement of Financial Position
  • Trial Balance
  • Member Reports
  • Investment Income
  • Investment Movement
  • Tax calculations

Workbook Wizard

  • Helps you enter data for a wide range of transactions
  • Benefits Paid, Contributions Received
  • Investment Disposal
  • Dividends Received
  • EOY Adjustments
  • Income, Expenses and Interest
  • Opening Balances
  • Income Tax and PAYG
  • Property Investments, Revaluation of investments
  • Trust Distributions
  • Custom Transactions
  • Bank to Bank funds transfer
  • Benefits paid-Lump Sum
  • Benefits paid Pension
  • Company Takeover
  • Contributions Received
  • Disposal of Investment Item
  • Dividend received deposited into bank account
  • Dividend received from other account
  • Dividend received in form of additional units
  • Expense payment
  • Expense payment-member specific
  • Income Tax Expense
  • Income Tax Refundable
  • Interest received from Bank Account
  • Interest received from term deposit, ie where term deposit not set up as a Bank account
  • Opening Balances
  • Payment of Income Tax Payable
  • Payment of PAYG Income Tax Instalments
  • Purchase of Investment Item directly from a bank account (including broker account classified as a bank account)
  • Receipt of Income Tax Refundable
  • Rent Received from property Investment Item
  • Return of Capital
  • Revaluation of Investments
  • Share buyback
  • Trust distribution adjustments to agree to the EOY trust annual tax statement
  • Trust distribution receivable and not paid until after end of year
  • Trust distribution received after EOY and previously recorded as receivable
  • Trust distribution received and deposited into bank account
  • Trust distribution received in form of additional units

System Requirements

Operating System
  • A PC with Microsoft Windows™ (32 or 64-bit, version 8, 8.1 or 10) (check your operating system and version)
  • Apple MAC with a Microsoft Windows™ 8, 8.1 or 10 virtual machine (VirtualBox is free, VMware is free+paid, Parallels Desktop is paid). Our Tech Support Team may be required to assist in configuring to your configuration of MAC and Windows virtual machine


Microsoft Office
  • You will need Microsoft Office™ (32 or 64-bit, version 2010 or higher) as DIY Super Online uses elements of Excel, Word and Outlook to perform its functions


Microsoft Access
  • DIY Super Online is built using Microsoft Access and requires it to run. If you don’t have Microsoft Access installed, the DIY Super Online program installer will download and install a free run-time version of Access, to match the version of Windows you have.
  • DIY Super Online’s database is hosted on the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform, so you need a live Internet connection to use it.

About DIY Super Online

DIY Super Online software is designed and produced in Australia specifically for use by trustees of self managed superannuation funds (SMSF).

DIY Super Online is owned by DIY Super Managers Pty Ltd, a company specialising in the provision of administration and professional services to the SMSF sector.

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DIY Super Online provides easy-to-use SMSF accounting software for Trustees and managers with custom reports, ASX data feed, local support and much more.

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